About Me

As a mum of two under four, that has had to move across 3 suburbs since the birth of my first child, I’ve struggled to find classes and activities that will keep everyone sane!

 I’ve looked on Facebook I’ve seen all the local leaflets, boards, spoken to carers in parks to find activities to keep my kids (and me!) happy! 

Now that we are settled in one place I wanted to build a website that will pull all those activities into one space that I could search by type of activity or class, cost and most importantly for me, age! 

My husband always laughs at me for fitting too many activities into one day, why do 2 things comfortably when you can do 4! For me it isn’t about the music lessons or the dancing lessons it was about getting out the house, sometimes at a moments notice when I can’t take the four walls anymore and finding a distraction! 

So here is my website, I hope it helps you as much as me.