Mother’s Day Last Minute Gifts in the Shire 2019

Mother’s Day Last Minute Gifts in the Shire 2019

We all know that all any parent wants on Mother’s Day is tantrum-free kids and a chance to enjoy an entire coffee in peace, but if you’re unsure what to get on Mother’s Day we have 3 easy gifts any mum would love to receive. Print this out and leave it somewhere your other-half can’t miss it – you can thank us later.


Flowers – we know this isn’t exactly revolutionary, but we haven’t found a woman yet who doesn’t love to receive a bunch of blooms. It’s also super easy for last-minute shopping to pick up something that looks stunning with minimal shopping around. Dads, don’t overthink it. Grab her a bunch (or two) and she’ll be thrilled. Our favourite florists in the Shire are:

– in Caringbah in Jannali


Get Creative in the Kitchen – now this really does depend on a) how brave you are and b) how little your little ones are. But baking mum a cake with the kids is a great way to give her time to put her feet up and enjoy an episode of her favourite Netflix show whilst you busy the kids in the kitchen.


If you’re useless in the kitchen there’s still hope. You could invest in a pre-bought cake from the supermarket and have fun decorating it with icing pens and lollies. If this is still a step too far, getting the kids to slap some vegemite on toast to take upstairs for brekky in bed is a failsafe option.


An hour of ‘me time’ – Treat mum to an hour of child-free silence and indulgence! All these local spas below would be a fabulous option for an hour-long massage or facial. Or if you’re unsure what she’d prefer, they also offer gift vouchers. Just make sure you encourage her to actually take the time to enjoy her treat and take the kids to the grandparents for the afternoon, so she can enjoy that blissed out spa feeling on returning home.




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