Top Tips for Travelling with Kids
Holidaying with kids

Top Tips for Travelling with Kids

I’ve just booked our trip back to the UK. This is my 3rd time travelling by myself with the two kids back to the UK by myself so I know what I’m letting myself in for! My husband somehow manages to wriggle out of the flights and the jetlag stage and arrives later. I need some tips from him on how he manages to do that but for now here are my tips for you on surviving a

 long flight


1.       Don’t overpack!

You don’t need that many toys. Everything on a plane is new to the kids. My daughter once kept the food tray for nearly 8 hours, in terms of actual entertainment it entertained her for far longer than any of the toys I had taken.

Essentials – nappies, wipes, change of clothes, stickers and a key toy for each child. Tiny presents are great to whip out every so often but these can be stickers and ooshies and other such nonsense that don’t take up much space.

2.       Get the kids on their luggage.

Both my kids have a trunki, all their stuff goes in the trunki and I have a backpack for me. This is better for slightly older kids who can steer on the things otherwise be prepared to take out a few fellow passengers every time you take a corner. Don’t be tempted to take a Trunki for a sm

Trunki Travel
Kids on Trunki’s at the airport

aller kid, we made that mistake when one of ours was only 18months, while she loved the concept of it she couldn’t quite hold on!

3.       Flytots are great

Whatever brand you go for (and I have both an official flytot and a travel bread) these are great. Sure my kids didn’t use them, they spread across the 3 seats but it gave me 

somewhere to sit! Check your airline allows them before travelling. Cheaper brands I have found take up less space in your luggage. You can also hire them.

4.       Advent calendars are your friend

We recently did a car trip to Melbourne (a story for another time) but it was just before Christmas so I got them a reduced price toy advent calendar and they were allowed to open a window every time we got back in the car after a stop. This was great because they got back in the car willingly and it occupied them finding the next number and then playing with the toy. I’ve got an ooshie one for the flight home! (my husband tells me it is not appropriate to get the gin one for me)

5.       Travel prams

We have a Nano pram and I love it. It has been my saviour on trips home when we change flights and when we land in the UK waiting at customs. My daughter has been known to get into the bag bit at the bottom when I’ve been desperate and just couldn’t carry her on my shoulders anymore. It folds up into hand luggage, it is a pain for those 


few minutes boarding but totally worth it. Don’t forget the bag otherwise the airline might insist you check it into the hold. 

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