Vivid Sydney 2019 with Kids

kids vivid sydney

Vivid Sydney is one of my favourite times of the year, even last year when it absolutely bucketed it down but I insisted we go because we had Taronga Zoo tickets, it was still a fabulous evening out. Totally worth giving the kids a late bedtime! I’ve collected together the kid friendly attractions that I think we will be worth a visit this year.

Friday 24 May to Saturday 15 June 2019  every night from 6 pm to 11pm—although Taronga Zoo lights up from 5 pm

It’s a great excuse to get the family together and spend some time in the city.

1. Darling Harbour – ROBOT SPACELand

Darling Harbour does family friendly really well, loads of dinner options and entertainment for kids. My little boy has just turned 3 and I’m super excited to take him this year because I think he will really “get it” this year.

This year Darling Harbour has a space age reboot to entertain and inspire visitors of all ages.

Around Cockle Bay, mind-boggling electro-automotive super-bots have been sent to sow the seeds of a greener tomorrow. Epic in scale, the light and sound spectacle Robot SPACELand is built around a central 16m high unit, the Ecobot. Tumbalong Lights is also back, and playSPACE brings together super-scale installations that give intrepid explorers an opportunity to walk Under the Milky Way, play with SpaceBalls, interact with an Alien Visitor, share different perspectives with See What I See and travel To the Moon and Back in a wheelchair moon buggy. Low-sensory sessions are catered for too.

2. Argle Cut in The Rocks

Pixar Vivid 2019
Pixar: 30 Years of Art & Animation

While Robot SPACELand might blow my youngest’s mind I’m pretty sure it is the Disney-Pixar collaboration that my little girl (5) will love. Like every little girl she loves Elsa but Jessie from Toy Story has a special place in her heart and she will be delighted to see Buzz, Woody and the gang illuminating the streets.

“Pixar: 30 Years of Art & Animation,” a special project designed specifically for Vivid Sydney, takes audiences on a visual journey through Pixar Animation Studios’ creative process – showing visitors stunning projections of images from the early stages of a film’s development to the finished product. Kids will love seeing their favourite Pixar characters in the projection, including the beloved duo of Woody and Buzz Lightyear!

3. Taronga Zoo

Taronga Zoo Tigers Vivid SYdney 2019
Taronga Zoo Vivid Sydney 2019

Any list about kids and Vivid that doesn’t include Taronga Zoo would just be incomplete and wrong. Taronga Zoo is GREAT for kids, the illuminations, the movie and light sculptures are just fantastic.

Showcasing awe-inspiring giant multimedia light sculptures, this year features the star-spangled Asian Elephant, a family of glowing Silverback Gorillas, the iridescent Marine Turtle and the Weedy Sea Dragon, plus Sumatran Tiger Cubs—marking the birth of three new tiger cubs and highlighting the Zoo’s commitment to conservation. 

During the festival, the Taronga Centenary Theatre is showing a multi-award winning animated short film favourite, reimagined as an amazing 270-degree cinema experience.

4. Bubble Magician

Bubble Magician - Vivid Sydney 2019 -
Bubble Magician – Vivid Sydney 2019 –

What child/grown up doesn’t love to watch bubbles? Located at Circular Quay we will be swinging past this, hopefully before it gets too busy!

Everyone can be a Bubble Magician. Blow gently into the mouthpiece and scenes of childhood dreams appear in reality. Sensing your breath, countless pink bubbles gradually light up and drift into the sky. It’s as if each one is infused with an ounce of the soul of its bubble blower. 

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